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Palacios Marine Agricultural Research is putting oysters back along our Texas coastlines and we're glad you're here.

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 The challenge and opportunity

Destructive fishing practices and natural and manmade disasters have taken a significant toll on oyster reef habitat in the Texas Gulf Coast region. Once a booming commercial industry, oyster fishing has been on a steady decline for many years along the gulf.

Today, through the collective effort of researchers, industry and Texas lawmakers, we lead with oyster aquaculture to stabilize oyster numbers, reduce the devastating impacts of natural disasters on oyster populations, and improve our coastal environmental and economic resiliency.

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Oyster Reef Restoration

We're building an oyster hatchery in Palacios, Texas dedicated to oyster conservation.

Because Texas oyster reefs are the state’s most threatened habitat, their current depleted status also contributes to diminished ecosystem health. The hatchery output will primarily focus on restoration and will facilitate the development of a conservation-orientated aquaculture industry that will contribute to overall restoration.

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Our approach

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Initial ResearchExplore the development of new reefs and restoration of existing damaged reefs

Our initial research project will be in the area of oyster reef restoration and conservation aquaculture.

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Pilot ProjectEvaluate colonization of new or existing reefs

We will conduct a pilot-scale evaluation of seed oysters, grown in a hatchery, for enhanced survival with considerations for variables like salinity and temperature tolerance.

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Evaluation of EfficacyCritically determine the modes for monitoring

Using eyed-­larvae or spat-on-shell from donor bays, we will develop discreet reef restoration projects at various locations along the coast to monitor and measure the efficacy of the restoration process.


"If you had but one way to describe how we make decisions, it would be to think like an oyster."  — Dr. Joe Fox


Our research projects

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Oyster and reef restoration news

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Palacios Marine Agricultural Research (PMAR) and BCarbon Announce Joint Program to Construct Living Shorelines Around Matagorda and San Antonio Bays

PMAR and BCarbon announced a joint program to secure commitments to construct almost 70 miles of living shoreline to protect about 23,500 acres of coastal wetlands in the Matagorda and San Antonio Bay systems.

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Palacios Marine Agricultural Research Announces Plans to Aid Texas Oyster Farmers

Oyster experts and biologists at PMAR are making moves to reverse unsustainable trends in the Texas oyster industry through a large-scale hatchery system with support from a coastwide restoration partnership.

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Partnership Builds New Recycled Reef to Protect Goose Island State Park

The Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies (HRI) at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is collaborating with Palacios Marine Agricultural Research, Inc., Derrick Construction Company, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Center for Coastal Studies at TAMU-CC to create nearly three acres of restored oyster reef in the waters off Goose Island State Park.